Contact us today!You’re in a fix. You can’t get your car out of your home garage because your garage door won’t budge. You’ve tried cleaning and oiling up the components, you’ve even kicked the door in frustration, but it still won’t open up. It’s a given that all equipment, no matter how durable or well-maintained it may be, is bound to malfunction one way or another. The only way to get it working again is to attempt to repair it, by replacing defective parts, or replacing the whole garage door altogether. You have two options when it comes to garage door repair. You can try to repair it by yourself, or you can choose experts such as Ken Davidson Garage Doors to do the job for you. Before you decide, our company would like to give you a little trivia about garage door repair and just how difficult it can be. There are two warning signs which, when ignored, can result in the complete malfunction of your garage door. First, there’s that annoying grating noise. This usually occurs before the door stops working. You’ll hear the noise while the door is opening or closing. Cleaning and oiling the door mechanisms, especially the hinges, also called the pillow block bearings, may solve this problem. However, many garage door owners fail to implement this initial remedy, and end up being plagued with the second symptom wherein the garage door operates not only with a lot of noise, but a lot slower too. This is a sign that aside from the hinges being clogged, they may also be unable to bear the weight of the garage door, and may need to be replaced. This is the final warning for any besieged garage door, and if you don’t repair it during this crucial time, you’ll end up with your car stuck inside or outside your garage. Repairing your garage door by consulting online how-to-fix websites or relying on second-hand information passed by fellow car owners are certainly not quick-fixes to your jammed garage door. There’s a high risk of unintentionally damaging your garage door because you opted to repair it yourself. You should consider the relative ease and comfort in delegating garage door repair tasks to Chapman Garage Door. Our experts will give you an accurate diagnosis of your garage door’s problem, and provide you not only with a quick fix, but with a thorough, surefire solution which will get your garage door opening and closing smoothly. Call us now let us help you with your garage door repair woes. Garage door services are very much in demand nowadays. More car owners are becoming aware of the security and car maintenance benefits brought about by garage door installation. However, you can’t just rush headlong to the nearest garage door shop and choose just a random garage door on a whim. You’ll need to be properly informed on technical stuff which will help you determine the size and type of garage door you want to install in your home.We at Ken Davidson Garage Doors can help you out when it comes to planning out your ideal garage door. First, you have to consider whether your garage door is for residential or commercial use. There are important distinctions between these two types of garage doors. Second, you’ll have to choose what the garage door panel will be made of. Do you prefer it to be mostly steel, or mostly wood? Or do you want it to be a mix of steel, aluminum, or wood? Would you prefer to put in some fiberglass components for a high-end look? You’ll also have to decide on the color and design of your garage door. While a garage door is made with a primary purpose in mind- to protect your car- it should also have some aesthetic value to complement the overall design of your house. Third, you’ll have to decide how your garage door operates based on the inner mechanism. Do you want it to open slowly, with minimal noise? Or do you want it to open in a jiffy, and don’t mind even if it’s a bit clunky? You’ll also come across garage doors that are akin to high-tech devices. Chapman Garage Door provides high-end services such as garage door alarm installation, motion sensor installation, CCTV camera system, and remote-control garage door openers. There are even garage doors that can be opened only by keying in a password, or by accessing it via a laptop or mobile phone.Contact us today to get a complete overview of our services, which include, but are not limited to:You can even ask for a free estimate that will help you determine how much your ideal garage door would cost. We put a premium on customer satisfaction, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost amidst technical specifications and monetary figures- our garage door experts will be beside you while you build your garage door from scratch. Jump start the construction of your garage door today. It’s never too late to provide your car with top-notch protection from Chapman Garage Door. Ever since you bought your townhouse, you’ve been thinking of making several modifications to accommodate your car. For one, you don’t approve of the garage built into your house. It’s too small for your sports utility vehicle, and it doesn’t provide much of a shield against bad weather.The only way to resolve this is to have a custom garage built over the old one, complete with garage door installation. However, you have to pick very carefully among the long list of garage door companies which one would get the job done. This would ensure that your SUV won’t end up cramped behind your garage door. There are several steps you’ll have to consider before the actual garage door installation. First, you have to know the exact dimensions of your custom garage. This ensures that you’ll have enough space to maneuver your SUV, and not bump it accidentally because of lack of space. Second, you have to choose the right company for the job. We strongly urge you to consider our company, Chapman Garage Door, a pioneer and front runner in the garage door industry. We have established a name for ourselves in both garage door acquisition and repair. Many clients, both new and long-term, have testified to our extensive expertise. Third, you have to consider what type of garage door you’ll need, and which materials you prefer. Are you going to install a residential or commercial garage door? Would you like your college insulated or not? What would your garage door panel be made of, steel, wood, vinyl, or fiberglass? Do you want your garage door openers to be manual or automatic? Keep in mind that Ken Davidson Garage Doors will surely adjust to all your preferences. Once you’ve visualized your ideal garage door, the next question would take into consideration how much you’re willing to spend and how long you’re willing to wait before your garage door is fully constructed. If you have a big house event in a few weeks’ time or so, you can choose one of our fast-track design models without compromising aesthetics for functionality. If you have enough leisure time, you can also opt for elaborate and classy-looking garage door models. Remember, you have absolute freedom to choose which materials will go into garage door installation. If you prefer a certain brand name or material style, you can inform our garage door experts to incorporate these into the design plan.You thought you had it all. Just a few days ago, you bought your dream car: a gleaming black Ferrari. It’s the most expensive, flashiest investment you’ve ever made. Your heart swelled every time you sat at the luxurious front seat. You’ve gotten used to the purr of the engines while you’re parked, and the proud roar every time you let it all fly out in the highway. Passer-bys gawked, relatives begged for a chance to take the wheel, and office mates shook their head in envy. Because you lived in a posh neighborhood, you saw no reason to increase the security around your house. You simply parked the Ferrari by the road, confident that the 24-7 neighborhood security team would keep it in one piece. Then tragedy struck. Just this morning, you woke up to the sound of sirens. You rushed to the front door, and guess what- your Ferrari’s gone. Your world fell apart as the security guards in your village recounted how masked assailants held them at gunpoint. They were well-armed, well-informed car thieves. And now they’ve taken your pride and joy. While the police chased leads, you ponder where you went wrong. In the midst of your musings, an office mate dropped by and gave you garage door coupons. “You should consider garage door installation,” he said. “It’s the trendiest thing nowadays, and it has a lot of promos and discounts too.