Bent Garage Door Sections
Bent Garage Door Sections

Brace Bent Garage Door Sections

Brace Bent Garage Door Sections. Is your garage door bending in the middle? Is it sagging when the door is open? We can brace bent garage door sections and make the door function just fine for a long time to come. Of course it won’t help the dents that are visible from the front, (that will look the same) but it will keep the doors straight and supported and will work like new.

Brace Bent Garage Door Sections

An old bent up section with a brace is much stronger than a new section without a brace. Each strut we add increases the weight of the door by about 10 lbs. We can add 2 struts and increase the tension on the springs to compensate for the extra weight but if we add 3 struts or more you will need new springs, too. Typical cost for bracing bent sections and adjusting the springs is $95-$150. A great deal compared to the cost of a new door.


The replacement process of either a single panel or whole section portion of a garage is simple for us to do. We have the required tools and knowledge to make the replacement process as smooth as possible.

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A garage door can collapse at any time. In turn, the homeowner is left with the decision to either repair the door or have new garage doors installed. In addition, the choice for Chapman Garage Door Repair Fayetteville NC is easy because the skilled technicians at this company can repair the garage doors or help the homeowner with a huge selection of new doors that can fit any home and any price range.

Moreover, the measure of a good garage door company like this one is linked to such things as having highly trained and experienced repair and installation technicians, emergency 24-hour repair service for both residential and commercial doors and cost effective repairs that are backed by quality customer service and full guarantees.

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We change torsion springs for a low price, hence that is the total cost. That’s especially cheap. Some companies charge much more thus for the same spring repair. Don’t spend more money on those big companies since you don’t have to. They are so big that your calls are answered in another state and the drivers are dispatched from national call centers. Furthermore they want to sell you rollers for an additional $300. So don’t get taken advantage of. Call Chapman Garage Door for all your garage door repair needs.